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This is the login for Trane® Connect™ and other Trane® commercial applications. Trane® Connect™ is our secure, cloud-based customer portal to access your building systems to remotely monitor and manage building systems, and conduct routine maintenance.

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Upgrade Your Controls

Helping to Maintain Your Building's Optimal Performance over Time

Keeping Your Controls Upgraded Increases:


Feel-good reasons to keep reaching forward.

The old "if it works, don’t fix it" logic went out with the twentieth century. Technology is advancing at lightning speed, presenting new ways to manage systems easier and make buildings better. Yet, cyber risks are real.  It’s a time of unprecedented gains and potential pains for building owners. Keeping the technology in your building automation system current slants the advantages to your favor.

Keep up with smart system progression.

Imagine if you’d never upgraded your flip phone, while your friends have the latest smartphone technology. You’d be way behind in the way you manage communication, health, and productivity. The same thing is true with your BAS. Current technology allows you to do more and know more by putting system data to practical use through digital tools that are continuously evolving. Staying current allows you to advance incrementally.

Stay ahead of bad actors.

Scheduled system upgrades often include new security features and enhancements. Our advanced security team stays informed about current cyber risks and tactics. We act fast to keep building automation systems free from vulnerabilities. Keeping your system up to date blocks sneaky points of entry.

Work with what you have. And will have.

Upgrade without replacing the fully functioning equipment you have in place. That makes it easy to leave behind outdated communication protocols, access restrictions, cryptic user interfaces, and degraded performance. The technology we offer today opens a path to the future, with cloud capabilities and ongoing compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.   

The world needs your best building.

That means a building that uses as little energy as possible and responds practically intuitively to occupants’ needs. Trane’s Tracer® SC+ and Ensemble® building and enterprise management systems deliver the latest in building productivity tools, including remote management and troubleshooting, energy management capabilities, and data analysis tools – all accessible from any personal computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser. 

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Controls Upgrades

Tracer® SC+ Software Updates

Needing Legacy Controller Software & Information?

Looking for more information on HVAC equipment upgrades?

Service Funding Agreements

HVAC Service can include the BAS. We can fine-tune, recalibrate and upgrade the building automation system and sensors, including upgrading software and cybersecurity.