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Custom Air Handlers


Custom Air Handlers

Trane custom air handlers offer the highest level of flexibility and delivers precise performance, even in the most challenging applications. 

Key Benefits:

  • Top-to-bottom absolute non-metal thermal barrier reduces the impact of humidity
  • Optional factory-installed controls optimize performance
  • FlexFit simplifies design and installation for difficult spaces
  • Advanced energy-recovery solutions
  • Included in Trane Select Assist™, ensuring a proven configuration
  • Available with side-by-side airflow for single-level serviceability
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Why Choose Custom Air Handlers

Unmatched Performance

Trane has been designing and manufacturing custom air-handling solutions for more than 40 years. Our team will work with you at each stage of the process, helping you achieve optimal solutions by understanding your project specifications, goals and construction schedule. Then we will design, build and factory-test the custom unit to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

Streamlined Configuration with Trane® Select Assist™

Side-by-side air tunnels in Performance Climate Changer® custom air handling units are now available a standard option using Trane® Select Assist™. The space-saving side-by-side option joins our vast library of proven AHU configurations.  We’ll work with you to design the optimal HVAC system your application needs.

Optional Factory-Installed Controls

You can choose to order your Trane custom air handler equipped with comprehensive control options to utilize industry standard open protocols. Symbio® unit controls link the air handler with your building automation system, giving you seamless control over zones throughout your building. With factory-installed controls, there are no holes to drill through the air handler’s casing, protecting its structural integrity and thermal performance. Take your controls one step further by connecting to a building automation system that provides 24/7 access to your equipment and data that arms you with the knowledge to optimize your building’s operation.

Simplified Installation

Leverage industry-leading tools during the design stage, as well as quick unit selection processes when ordering. Use the Performance FlexFit™ solution to ship your completed unit either fully assembled or disassembled with highly detailed instructions for reassembly on-site. Or choose to have a Trane representative on-site to oversee the installation.

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