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Performance Climate Changer® for Data Centers


Performance Climate Changer® for Data Centers

Fan Coil Walls produced on a dedicated line for faster availability.

  • Maintains tight temperature and humidity tolerances for server room environments.
  • Stackable compact footprint (5-ft. or less) maximizes revenue-generating space.
  • Piping and pressure-dependent coil valves included for faster installation and integration.
  • Efficient fan and coil choices allow for easy application customization.
  • Lower power input fan array improves energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Trane-manufactured, factory-installed controller optimizes energy and system performance.
  • 45K CFM TO 60K CFM +, with 400kW or greater cooling capacity—the size and capacity ranges that meet the needs of typical colocation data center applications. In a typical system design, every three Trane Data Center Climate Changer air handling units are paired with a 300-ton chiller.
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  • Grow your business faster.

    With dedicated production lines for unit fabrication and parts manufacturing, Trane has both the production capacity and inventoried reserves of major components (fans, coils and controls) to ensure product availability in the timeframe you need. Units use direct drive plenum fans, which are also made in-house and inventoried to keep production flowing.

  • Maintain server reliability.

    Protect optimal server performance by providing the optimized climate they need. Performance Climate Changer® for Data Centers are an adaptation of Trane’s air handling units (AHUs), a core Trane product. Trane’s accurate temperature and humidity control supports your server farm performance.

  • Get the best solution for your space.

    Manufacturing flexibility and component options allow for customization. Multiple fan and coil choices let you strike the right performance/efficiency balance. BACnet ®/IP or Modbus Communication allows for simple integration into Trane or other building automation systems. Easy replication makes it easy to bring your best solution to multiple locations.

  • Stay with Trane for services.

    Trane provides all the support you’ll need throughout the lifecycle of your system. From full-system design through installation and ongoing maintenance and repairs, Trane provides professional services to optimize and maintain Performance Climate Changer® for Data Centers performance.

  • Practice data center sustainability.

    Performance Climate Changer® for Data Centers air handling units are the best replacement for water-intensive evaporative cooling. They use air, instead of precious water resources. And because every Data Center Climate Changer is ideally designed and scaled to the application, it avoids excessive energy use and minimizes carbon emissions.

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Why Trane?

We’re committed to changing how the world heats and cools buildings and cargo through our products and technology. We also walk the walk. As part of Trane Technologies, Trane has committed to reducing one gigaton – one billion metric tons – of carbon from our customers’ footprint by 2030.