Sensible Assisted Membrane

Sensible Assisted Membrane

Sensible Assisted Membrane

The Trane® Sensible Assisted Membrane (SAM) is an efficient design for utilizing membrane exchangers, especially for larger airflows, and reduces or removes the leakage potential from the building exhaust air path. It utilizes a combination of sensible plate exchangers with enthalpy membrane cores.

Trane's patented SAM is available for air handling units for use in mixed air units and dedicated outdoor air systems.

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Sensible Assisted Membrane

  • Total energy heat exchanger for larger airflows
  • Combines membrane exchangers with fixed-plate heat exchangers into an array
  • Reduced equipment footprint vs other commercial membrane exchanger designs
    • No upstream or downstream transitional space required
  • Up to 60% reduced air pressure loss results in a 20% fan energy savings vs other commercial membrane exchanger designs
  • Greater energy recovery effectiveness – up to 65% total effectiveness
  • Enables ASHRAE® 90.1 compliance
  • No moving parts and reduced maintenance
  • Energy recovery exchanger designed for commercial air pressures and flows
  • Superior bypass damper designs for economizing and control


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