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Renewable Energy Solutions

Reduce carbon intensity and increase energy independence

On-site renewables are important for driving down carbon emissions, but they're just one part of the equation. We can help you determine the right solutions and balance to meet your environmental sustainability goals.

close-up view of solar panels on a background of blue sky

Why Is Finding the Right Renewable Solution Important?

Get your energy right and the rest of your operations will follow. In combination with a holistic energy efficiency plan, generating clean energy on-site can boost environmental sustainability and operational resiliency efforts.

  • Environmental technology concept. sustainable ESG modernization development by using technology of renewable resources

    You need a solution that will operate best in your geography

  • Power supply for hybrid electric car charging battery. Eco car concept.

    You need a solution that will meet your power generation capacity requirements

  • Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.

    You want a usage optimization and redistribution strategy

  • Aerial view of power line pylon in mountaineous area in Switzerland through valley in Canton of Valais

    You want to maximize the benefits and incentives offered by local utilities


Advantages of Renewable Energy

  • tc-icon-life-cycle-cost-outline-blue-100.png

    Lower energy costs

  • tc-icon-federal-government-outline-blue-100.png

    Deliver on scope 2 emission reduction goals

  • tc-icon-rental-systems-outline-blue-100.png

    Meet operational resilience requirements

  • tc-icon-performance-outline-blue-100.png

    Drive ROI on sustainability investments

  • tc-icon-renewable-energy-outline-blue-100.png

    Generate clean energy on-site

Proof Points

What Makes Trane the Ideal Partner for Your Renewable Energy Solutions?

Trane’s holistic approach to energy will help you maximize savings and meet business goals with a balanced plan that supports your needs. Explore how that’s translated to other customers:

Kaneland Schools' Solar Success Story or Solar-Powered Sustainability: Kaneland Schools' Renewable Energy Journey

December 21, 2022

Read Customer Story

Learn more about Our Work

Discover how we've helped our customers achieve the outcomes that matter most.

Methods / Process

Create a Custom Solution Based on Relevant Factors

The best renewable energy approach for your organization depends on many factors: use scenarios, current utility rates, local legislation, state-wide incentive programs and fuel choices driven by geography. We consider it all in direct collaboration with you:

Conduct an Initial Assessment

Discover and go through existing energy challenges, goals and what potential energy sources could help

Develop a Comprehensive Plan

Collaborate to create a right-sized, full-service plan for your desired energy outcomes

Implement Your Plan and Experience Results

Leverage your new energy source with high-quality installation and continued benefits

Contact Us for Expert Guidance