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Energy Storage

Managing energy storage enhances load flexibility for greater cost savings and sustainability

Distributed energy storage is proven and becoming a key part of many integrated energy management programs. Energy storage builds the resilience of energy grids as more renewable and intermittent energy sources come on-line. For building owners, storage supplies load flexibility to help manage day-to-day energy requirements, helps achieve financial and sustainability goals, and offers the peace-of-mind of having a lower-cost energy source available on demand.

As a standalone solution, energy storage is good; the benefits are even greater when it is part of an active energy management strategy, and Trane can put all the complex pieces together. 

Move from passive to active energy management with energy storage

As utilities and the electric grid evolve and change, buildings with the flexibility to store energy and the agility to modify operational processes will have an advantage. Trane active energy management proactively monitors and controls distributed energy resources to enhance resiliency and optimize sustainability. 

Trane Thermal Energy Storage

Agility reduces energy costs 

Because energy storage can “charge” or “discharge” in response to external conditions and incentives, buildings equipped with batteries and intelligent energy management systems can operate at a lower cost when high demand drives up energy prices. Energy storage also provides load flexibility: Use of thermal or electro-chemical batteries can be managed in real-time using load management and predictive analysis technology that optimizes energy supply and demand.

Manage powerful sustainability 

Energy storage can increase the utilization of renewable energy by making wind and solar resources more dispatchable. By using load management and predictive analysis technology to optimize renewable energy supply and demand in real-time, we can help achieve buildings’ advanced sustainability goals.

Trane experts can help you select the energy storage technology you need 

Trane offers a number of energy storage solutions, and our energy experts can help you determine which storage technology, whether ice or chilled water storage, batteries, and industrial process and flow management solutions, are best suited for your needs and sustainability goals. Beyond energy efficiency, we can help you manage and control these assets for a low carbon future. 

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