On-site Training

Single-Stage Absorption Chillers

  • 4.5 Day
  • 3.2 CEU's

This course is a thorough and comprehensive presentation on the foundational understanding of absorption chillers and their refrigeration cycle. Topics include a detailed view of absorption chiller components, instruction in the theory of absorption chiller operation and in the lithium bromide chemical cycle, the chemistry of inhibitors, overview of capacity control system operation, crystallization causes and effects, purge system operation, and performance and operator logging recommendations.This course utilizes a fully operational absorption chiller with UCP2 micro control. This provides our students a practical, hands-on opportunity to attain the confidence they need to work with these chillers.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to
  • Describe absorption chiller construction.
  • Recognize major absorber components and describe their functions.
  • Discuss the characteristics of lithium bromide in relation to charging and inhibitors.
  • Use an Equilibrium Chart to determine system conditions.
  • Describe the sequence of control operation (pneumatics and electric).
  • Demonstrate how Trane’s UCP2™ Adaptive Control™ technology has been applied to absorption chillers.

Our programs use a variety of assessment methods to measure learning, from pre and post tests, to classroom activities, quizzes and workshops.

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