On-site Training

RTAF Rotary Chillers

  • 3 Days
  • 2.1 CEU's

This course is designed to teach service technicians the components of Trane’s RTAF Sintesis unit and how to maintain it. Identification and troubleshooting using diagnostics is emphasized. Compressor and unit control operation are also covered. After completion, the technician should be able to verify proper unit operation and performance. This course is primarily classroom oriented.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to
  • Identify the tonnages, components and physical differences of the compressors in a RTAF Sintesis chiller.
  • Explain the operation of the capacity control of the Helical Rotary compressor.
  • Explain the diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair procedures on the capacity control for the Helical Rotary compressor.
  • Identify the components, oil management process and maintenance of a RTAF Sintesis chiller.
  • Explain the unit control operation of the RTAF Sintesis chiller.
  • Explain the components, operation and troubleshooting of a RTAF Sintesis chiller Microchannel condenser.
  • Identify the EEV and evaporator components in a RTAF Sintesis chiller.

Our programs use a variety of assessment methods to measure learning, from pre and post tests, to classroom activities, quizzes and workshops.

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