Instructor Led Training

Precedent Voyager Rooftops Airflow & Economizer Operation Virtual Module

Virtual Class

  • 3 hours


This module will cover common airflow applications, including Constant Volume (CV), Single Zone Variable Air Volume (SZVAV) and Multiple Zone Variable Air Volume (MZVAV). Various fan types, their application and how to measure airflow are introduced. Proper set up and operation of the economizer will be discussed. Demand control ventilation (DCV) and ventilation override modes (VOM) are also covered.  



Measure and adjust airflow across a variety of fan types. 

Determine and set minimum outside air damper position.

Set up and describe the operation of the economizer with DCV using a CO2 sensor. 


This course is intended for commercial rooftop service technicians who have a good understanding of both constant volume and variable air volume rooftops and systems and who need extended knowledge of the Trane Precedent and Voyager rooftops.

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