On-site Training

CVHS/M Chiller Operation

  • 3.5 Days
  • 2.5 CEUs

This course is for the experienced centrifugal service technician or facility personnel who want to familiarize themselves more with Trane's CVHS/M Centrifugal Chiller operation and maintenance requirements.  The course provides insight into chiller construction, use of chiller control platform and overall sequence of operation. In addition, proper unit disassembly and motor replacement will be performed in a lab environment along with the factory mounted adaptive frequency drive.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to
  • Discuss the operating characteristics of the CVHS/M Chiller.
  • Operate the Tracer AdaptiView™/ TU control platform applied to this chiller.
  • Identify CVHS/M chiller components and discuss their role in the system.
  • Perform proper disassembly of the unit and motor replacement.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the AFDN/AFD3 operation and maintenance guidelines.
  • Discuss the operational characteristics of the Earthwise purge as it applies to the CVHS/M chiller.

Our programs use a variety of assessment methods to measure learning, from pre and post tests, to classroom activities, quizzes and workshops.

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