On-site Training

CenTraVac System Operation and Maintenance

  • 3.5 Days
  • 2.5 CEU's

This course will familiarize owner maintenance supervisors and technicians with Trane CenTraVac CVHE/F/G/L/S and new CVHM centrifugal chiller operation and maintenance requirements. It will assist them understanding chilled water systems and load-based chiller dynamics. The course will help technicians troubleshoot and will help chiller owners decide if work can be done in-house or not. Technicians can particularly benefit from coverage on diagnosing and maintaining machine design performance, and learn what can occur if operating outside of these parameters. We will discuss the addition of the new refrigerant options: R514A and R1233zd, and the changes that were made to the chillers. Students will have the opportunity to observe the manufacturing and the assembly of key components in a factory tour.

This course relies primarily on classroom lecture and does not include hands-on maintenance training.

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to
  • Describe Trane centrifugal chiller operation and chilled water system theory.
  • Observe chiller construction process.
  • Use operating logs to recognize normal operation and how abnormal influences affect chiller operation and performance.
  • Recognize problems that reduce efficiency and damage equipment.
  • Identify system components and their role in the system.
  • Identify system differences related to the new refrigerant options.
  • Identify chilled water piping designs.

Our programs use a variety of assessment methods to measure learning, from pre and post tests, to classroom activities, quizzes and workshops.

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