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CenTraVac Operation & Maintenance Components, Refrigeration Cycle Virtual Module

Virtual Class

  • 3 Hours


Introduction to chiller components and their role in the low pressure refrigeration cycle. Chiller performance and what effects it.


  • Learn the major components of the chiller
  • Understand the refrigerant cycle.
  • Learn the importance of chiller design conditions
  • Understand terminology like:
    • Approach
    • Lift
    • Surge
    • Stacking
    • Delta T
    • Delta P


Our target is individuals responsible for the operation and preventative maintenance of Trane CenTraVac chillers (CVHE/F/G/L/S/M). This course will benefit technicians, supervisors or engineers who make planning decisions to support centrifugal chiller maintenance. 

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Aug 13, 2020


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