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IntelliPak Refrigeration/Mechanical/ Dehumidification Virtual Module

Virtual Class


This module will discuss the sequence of operation and service requirements of the refrigerant circuits with microchannel or tube and fin construction. We will take about refrigerant logging, pressure curves, compressor operation, compressor safeties and head pressure control including low ambient operation. We will also explore the dehumidification option using hot gas reheat.


  • Describe condenser fan staging and low ambient control.
  • Explain the operation of the refrigeration system safeties.
  • Describe how the unit utilizes modulating hot gas reheat for dehumidification.


This course is intended for rooftop service technicians who have a good understanding of both constant volume and variable air volume rooftop units and systems and need additional knowledge regarding startup and maintenance procedures of Trane IntelliPak rooftop units.

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Aug 11, 2020


15 seats available

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