On-site Training

Basic Refrigeration

  • 8 Hours

After an overview of a typical refrigeration cycle, there is a discussion on how various problems impact the operation and pressures in the refrigeration system.  The changes to the trade resulting from EPA regulations are covered, including refrigerant phase-out and their typical replacements, working with blends and R-410A, service procedures to meet the new regulations, procedures for using the new refrigerants and oils, and the new machine room requirements.  Typical service procedures are covered, including using the manifold gauges, T-P chart, leak detection, seasonal startup, pumping the system down, refrigerant recovery, pressurizing the system, evacuation and adding refrigerant.




  • Describe the refrigeration cycle; it’s components, standard pressures and operational characteristics
  • Describe the effects that ozone depletion has had on the refrigeration trade
  • Describe the CFC and HCFC phase-out schedule and list the typical replacement refrigerants
  • Describe working with the new refrigerant blends, R-410A and oils
  • Describe the common safety precaution while working with refrigerants
  • Describe EPA service regulations that impact the HVAC/R technician
  • List the documentation the technician should prepare and maintain
  • Describe the procedure for performing a seasonal start-up of a typical system
  • Demonstrate the use of the manifold gauges and T-P chart to analyze system operation
  • Describe the various leak detection methods
  • Describe the procedure for pumping a system down to make a repair
  • Describe the procedure for recovering the system’s refrigerant charge
  • Describe how to pressurize a system for leak detection
  • Describe how to evacuate a system after a repair
  • Describe how to charge a typical air conditioning refrigerant system
  • Describe the new machine room requirements and how to handle a major refrigerant leak

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