On-site Training

Basic Electricity for HVAC and Power Distribution in Buildings

  • 1 day

One day discussion designed to look at the basics of electricity, concept of electron flow, components of a basic circuit, and types of electrical circuits.  Workshop also discusses the characteristics of electrical circuits…voltage, current, resistance, and more.  Take a look at the components associated with electrical circuits…resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, semi-conductors, and more.  Take a look at the concept of motors.

Look at troubleshooting electrical circuits and equipment associated with troubleshooting.  Look at the most common techniques to use amp draw in troubleshooting HVAC circuits.  Look at voltage unbalance and why it is so critical.

Lastly look at power distribution, from point of production geographically, transport, building entrance, and pathways to the HVAC system.  Look at backup power possibilities and HVAC response.

Finally look at energy efficiency and power issues.


After this course, you will have a better understanding of basic electricity for HVAC and power distribution in buildings

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