On-site Training

Air Conditioning Clinic - 2 Day

  • 7:30 am - 4:00pm 2 Days

This two-day comprehensive battery of 15 sessions is designed to give an overview of air conditioning fundamentals and associated systems. Each session deals with a specific area of the many disciplines required to successfully design and install air conditioning equipment.  Upon completion the attendee will have a better understanding of the various equipment and systems used to provide comfort cooling today and be able to identiy the individual components and their operation.  Booklets on the topics are provided for the attendee to do further study.

Topics include: Air handler systems, psychrometry, heat load estimation, refrigeration system components, refrigerant piping, absorption chillers, helical rotary chillers, fans, VAV systems, HVAC controls, chilled water systems, water source heat pumps and ice storage systems.  Each student receives a manual with 17 Clinic presentations, psychronmetric charts and a ductulator for reference and study ($215 value). 

Please contact the Northwest Hawaii Training Department for discount options.

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