On-site Training

Electrical Schematic Reading For HVAC

  • 8 Hours

This course promotes the concept of troubleshooting and repair of systems using schematics and wiring diagrams.  With a focus on troubleshooting techniques and the concept of internal isolation, attendees participate in the recognition of components and circuits including diodes, capacitors, transformers, relays and more.  The latest in ANSI diagrams is discussed, which includes understanding ladders, logic, keys and legends.  Circuit board technology in troubleshooting the system will also be discussed.  The course has 3 lab exercises covering using a schematic to identify faulty components, converting a line diagram to a schematic and making a schematic by tracing the system wires.



  • Briefly review basic electric circuit terms, components and operation, including the switch arrangements, transformer, circuit breaker panel, relays, motors, motor starter and thermostat.
  • Describe the pictorial, line and schematic diagrams and identify their usefulness.
  • Identify common symbols, describe the use of a legend and sequence-of-operation and describe the operating sequence using a schematic wiring diagram.
  • Describe the basic troubleshooting procedures to successfully isolate circuit problems using a refrigeration schematic wiring diagram.
  • Demonstrate using a schematic to name various com­ponents on a circuit board.
  • Draw a line diagram for a piece of equipment and draw a schematic diagram from a line diagram.
  • Describe and check the operation of a Honeywell W973 electronic control system.
  • Describe the proper procedure for checking solid-state diodes, SCRs and triacs.
  • Use the road mapping process and other means to simplify a schematic.
  • Interpret drawings for a large roof top air conditioner having electronic circuit boards having the ability to be accessed by a DDC system.

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