On-site Training

Refrigeration Overview and Update

  • 1.5 Days

Tasks that require EPA certification are covered followed by an overview of the typical refrigeration cycle, including system accessories and associated terms and principles and a discussion on operating pressures and typical system problems.  Refrigerants, blends, oils and refrigerant phase-out and replacements are included. There is discussion on typical service procedures while working with common refrigerants and oils, the machine room requirements, using the manifold gauges, T-P chart, leak detection, pumping the system down, refrigerant recovery, pressurizing the system, evacuation and adding refrigerant.

Coverage of details on meeting EPA’s requirements for doing system services including details on recordkeeping for appliance disposal, leak detection and repair, major and non-major repairs, full charge, leak rate calculations, appliance mothballing and retrofit and retirement plans and requests for deadline extensions.

  • Describe the refrigeration service tasks that require EPA certification, including opening into a refrigeration system, R-22 vehicle air condition, off road vehicles and the purchase of most refrigerants in container of 20 lbs or more
  • Identify the definition of a refrigerant and that it cannot be purposely vented except for de-minims releases and exempt substitutes
  • Define Type l, ll and lll refrigeration systems and low-, med-, high- and very high-pressure refrigerants and identify the evacuation levels that must be achieved for each pressure type
  • Describe the refrigeration cycle; it's components, standard pressures and operational characteristics and the common refrigeration system applications including direct expansion air conditioning and air cooled and water cooled chillers
  • Demonstrate using EPA’s procedures to determine a systems full charge, use formulas to calculate a system’s leak rate, properly do a leak test inspection, perform initial and follow-up verification tests on leaks and details on documenting each of these

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