On-site Training

HVAC For Property and Facility Managers

  • 1 day

This course is designed to help property and facility managers gain a greater insight in the management of HVAC in their facilities.  It familiarizes them with air conditioning principles, system components, functionality and operation.  Attendees will learn basic refrigeration principles, the inter-relation of components of an air conditioning system, basics of using steam and hot water heating boilers and their systems, psychrometry, pumps, zoning, air handlers, fundamentals of controls and other pertinent information.


After attending, students should be able to:

  • Describe an air conditioning zone and the concepts used to determine zoning needs.
  • Identify the components and operation of low-pressure hot water and steam heating boilers and the associated heating coils, radiators, hot water converters and humidifiers connected to them.
  • Describe a basic refrigeration cycle, common refrigeration applications, chillers, water cooled condensers, cooling tower, and low-pressure centrifugal chiller.
  • Identify the factors that affect human comfort and their impact on building occupants.
  • Describe the strategies used to manage indoor air quality and list some of the common sources of contamination.
  • Describe use of the psychrometry chart to troubleshoot humidity problems.
  • Describe a basic air conditioner air handler operation, including components, economizer cycle, control strategies, safety controls and heat recovery.
  • Describe the basic operation of various single and multiple zone air handlers, including some VAV system options that improve comfort.
  • Define basic air measurement terminology and describe the characteristics of various fans and of series and parallel piped pumps.
  • Define basic control terminology and describe the role of the unit, system and building management level of controls.
  • Describe the components and strategy used in developing a maintenance management system.

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