On-site Training

CGAM xxxx

  • 1 day

This service level course covers the operation, diagnosis and troubleshooting for Trane’s CGAM AquaStream™ liquid chiller 20 to 130 tons, with additional detailed coverage of R-410a refrigeration system components, chiller logging, and maintenance procedures. Trane scroll CHSD and CSHN compressors construction, operation, maintenance requirements and troubleshooting will also be taught. Factory recommended installation, start-up procedures and chiller logging will be discussed in detail.


Upon completion, students should be able to:

  • Operate and diagnose Trane’s CGAM AquaStream™ liquid chiller.
  • Understand the R-410a refrigeration system.
  • Describe the CHSD and CSHN compressors' construction, operation, and maintenance requirements.
  • Understand Chiller logging.
  • Discuss installation and start-up procedures.

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