On-site Training

Building Systems

  • 1 Day

This course will give the attendee a basic knowledge of the various mechanical systems common to commercial buildings, including details on common control settings and component operation.  It starts by covering the need for building zones, then covers low-pressure steam and hot water boilers, the refrigeration cycle and common refrigeration applications, useful psychrometric principles, basic and multiple zone air handlers and their common control strategies and heat recovery, characteristics of common fans, closed system pumps and compression tanks.  The training process is enhanced by instructor demonstrations of system component cutaways.

  • Define building space control zoning and identify the need for and methods used to accomplish zoning.
  • Describe the operation of basic low-pressure steam and hydronic heating boiler systems, including auxiliary equipment, boiler controls and their typical set points.
  • Describe the basic operation of steam and hot water radiation, steam converters and hot water circulation systems.
  • Describe the operation of the basic refrigeration system, direct expansion air conditioners, water chillers and cooling towers including auxiliary equipment, and controls and their typical set points.
  • Describe the basic single-zone air handler operation, including components, safety devices, heat recovery devices, controls and set points used for control of humidity, temperature and space static pressure.
  • Describe the operation of various multiple zone air handling systems including their basic controls and typical set points and many of the common options for the variable-air-volume (VAV) system.

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