On-site Training

Electrical Troubleshooting

  • 1 day

After an overview of electric terminology, the attendee will learn the operation of various electrical devices used in HVAC systems, and the procedures for troubleshooting them.  It incorporates principles of relays and other switching mechanisms and covers the basic principles of reading schematic wiring diagrams.  The attendee will become familiar with HVAC electrical devices and circuits and will be able to use this knowledge to troubleshoot electrical controls and electrical systems in order to repair them.  This course has one lab exercise and several in which the instructor demonstrates troubles on commercial air conditioning/furnace system components and the students work in groups of 2 using a schematic to identify faulty electrical components.


After attending, students should have a clear understanding of Electrical Terminology, the Operation of Electrical Devices in HVAC Systems and Troubleshooting Devices.

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