Variable-Speed Compressors on Chillers

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This course discusses the operational, performance and application differences for centrifugal (dynamic compression) and helical-rotary (positive displacement) compressors. Discussion includes an overview of how variable-speed drives affect chilled-water system components, physics of centrifugal compressor chillers and screw compressor chillers, applications that benefit from each technology, importance of proper life-cycle analysis supported by examples and application considerations. Attendees will leave with an understanding of which technologies bring real value to different system applications.Presenters:Jeanne Harshaw (host), Dustin Meredith, Dave Guckelberger, Eric Sturm, Dave Edmonds

Learning objectives:

  • Summarize the effects of VFDs on centrifugal and screw compressors in terms of physics (load/lift and performance)
  • Identify applications that offer customer benefits for each technology
  • Understand the importance of accurate life-cycle analysis (and provide examples)
  • Application considerations