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TRACE™ 700 Load Design

C.D.S. Software Training

TRACE™ 700 Load software is a separate program incorporating the load and system portion of TRACE 700. In other words, it contains the functionality of the full version of TRACE 700 minus the energy and economics portions of the program. Use this program to complete complex building load calculations for virtually any building.

Trane C.D.S. provides a full day of training on TRACE 700 Load Design through our pre-recorded eLearning courses. By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the program and gain a better understanding of the various input fields.
  • Understand how design weather is used to determine peak loads.
  • Explain how TRACE™ calculates supply temperatures and airflows.
  • Summarize the plenum heat balance calculations and how TRACE™ balances airflows.
  • Explain how TRACE™ determines coil capacities and how to zone spaces.
  • Utilize templates to reduce input time.
  • Create multiple alternatives to model various choices.
  • Create custom library values for items such as construction types, schedules, and shading plus others.
  • Share files and understand the difference between a stand-alone and network installation.
  • Summarize advanced features in the program (e.g.modeling ASHRAE Standard 62.1, importing GBXML files, and various system types).
  • Interpret results and learn how to read the various output reports.
  • Practice using the program through in-class exercises
  • Interpret results and the various output reports

If you are currently using or transitioning to the TRACE™ 3D Plus software please visit the TRACE 3D Plus Load Design page or the TRACE 3D Plus Energy & Economics page for more training course information.