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Electrified HVAC

Hybrid and all-electric heating advance a decarbonized future.

How We Design Sustainable HVAC Systems

Trane designs electric HVAC systems choosing equipment and components that make sense for each application. Rather than generating heat, our systems move heat from one location to another—we’ll look at the heat in your building load or process cooling load, the outdoor air, wastewater or water treatment sources and identify the right heat source for you. From there, we can configure systems to meet the temperature, flows and redundancy requirements for year-round heating and cooling—in a broad range of climate zones.

Better electric technology, better decarb results

Improved technologies mean building owners can electrify to eliminate emissions while reliably keeping occupants comfortable. Depending on your needs, the best system may be all-electric or hybrid gas/electric. Your local Trane account manager can help you decide. The technology that enables electric heating for commercial buildings is continuously evolving. Collaborate with Trane to weigh the pros and cons of each and make the best decision for your application.

You may consider adding the following into your system:

Any building can electrify HVAC

Trane has a range of electric heating solutions to help you decarbonize. Your local Trane office can assess your needs and recommend the best option.


Chillers today can do more than cool spaces. Many models can be configured with heat pumps and heat recovery to provide simultaneous cooling and heating.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

The Trane® / Mitsubishi Electric VRF portfolio is versatile and provides zoned heating and cooling to keep occupants comfortable, even in cold climates. VRF reduces wasted energy by responding quickly to changing load periods, making it highly efficient.

Packaged Units and Split Systems

For small and mid-sized commercial buildings, Trane has multiple choices. Each delivers efficient and effective heating with integrated heat pumps and hybrid systems

Storage Source Heat Pump

The all-electric Storage Source Heat Pump system leverages thermal energy storage to provide cooling and heating. It captures waste energy to eliminate traditional heating equipment that relies on fossil fuels.


Want to electrify beyond HVAC?

Explore HEAT₂O™, an all-electric heat pump designed to produce high volume domestic hot water for commercial facilities in any climate, anywhere.

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