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Few costs have a greater impact on your bottom line than that of your energy supply. So being smart about energy procurement can go a long way toward ensuring your operation’s success.  

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Trane Energy Choice
Trane Energy Choice


If you’re located in a state where electricity or natural gas services are deregulated, you have the ability to purchase energy on the open market from the supplier of your choice.  Trane offers electricity and natural gas procurement services to help you purchase your energy at the lowest cost available.  

What stays the same?

Your local utilities still own the power lines and natural gas pipelines, and they will continue to deliver energy to your buildings regardless of who you choose for a supplier.  And in many cases, the charges for the supply can be included right on your utility bill as a separate line item.

What’s different?

You choose your energy supplier from a list of qualified marketers that are competing for your business.

Trane Energy Choice offers an alternative to the traditional consultant fee model or reverse auction method for energy procurement. Our approach provides the competitive-ness of an RFP combined with direct one-on-one negotiation with energy suppliers to get the price and contract terms that best fit your needs. The service can be applied to single-site clients or to aggregations of multiple sites to increase buying power.   

Trane Energy Choice acts as an independent agent working on behalf of our clients. We solicit offers from competitive and qualified energy suppliers to obtain a competitive combination of price, product and contract terms for each client. 

The process begins with a letter of authorization (LOA). The LOA gives us the authority to act on your behalf to obtain the necessary information from your utility and to solicit offers from energy providers.  You are not obligated to enter into a contract with a supplier.

We’ll present you with offers for an apples-to-apples comparison and help you understand the differences among the offers.

We Run Your Energy Procurement, so you can Run Your Business

Trane Energy Choice manages energy suppliers and contracts to meet your needs with a price and contract terms that help you reach your goals.  Over time, we’ve built a vast connection of vetted, reliable energy suppliers. Our attention to energy details means you’re free to do what you do best: run your business. When you turn to Trane Energy Choice, you won’t have to spend valuable time shopping for the best price.

Deregulated states are highlighted on the above maps.

If an offer is acceptable, we review the contracts prior to execution to ensure the price and terms are as expected. We then coordinate the submission and acceptance of executed contracts.

Once a client executes a contract with a supplier, Trane Energy Choice spot-checks future invoices to make sure the charges match the contracted price and helps to resolve any issues. We also provide all clients with regular market and industry updates. Rather than wait until the current contract is about to expire, we will help the client determine the best time to execute their next contract. Our recommendations are based on our proprietary market price forecasts and the client’s expectations of future energy needs.

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