Natural Gas Management

Leverage our natural gas expertise for optimal pricing and supply management.

Managing your energy suppliers, their contracts and staying on top of the latest market updates is a strategic, money-saving priority. 

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Natural Gas Management
Natural Gas Management


Our market expertise saves you time and keeps you knowledgeable of your market position, giving you confidence that you’re acquiring your natural gas as cost effectively as possible. We help secure optimal pricing and contract terms from suppliers of natural gas across the country. Ongoing monitoring of natural gas markets enables you to act on opportunities, allowing you to better manage your energy costs.

Daily Monthly Balancing consists of a monthly report on your facility’s energy usage, delivery and storage and informs you of all costs necessary to flow gas to your facility. This level of monthly reporting helps you manage your natural gas position to prevent errors and ensures that your facility’s energy needs are continuously met. 

Mark-to-Market Reporting assesses all positions you’ve taken in the natural gas commodity markets. The report is updated following each hedge purchase. This provides you with financial reporting and compliance and enables you to assess the success of your hedging program.

Market Timing Recommendations provides information on factors that influence energy markets. This information can be used to lock in next year's prices today, safeguarding you from rising energy costs.

Client Market/Operational Calls are made as often as market conditions and client needs require.  We’ll update you on the state of the market and assess your account activity to ensure your procurement needs are met as cost-effectively as possible.  

Annual Budgeting helps you set next year's budget for energy based on historical usage, changes in market pricing or utility rates we see forecasted.  Let Energy Supply Services do the work for your utility or energy budget, saving time and ensuring accuracy.