TechView Installation Procedure

TechView installation has been simplified. All related software, including Main Processor software, is now packaged together with the TechView application resulting in a single installation.

Note: You do not have to uninstall an earlier version of TechView. The new TechView will update the existing files.

To install TechView on your computer


  1. Create a new folder titled CH530 (C:\CH530) on your hard drive.
    This \CH530 folder is the standard location for the installation file. Storing the installation file in this location helps you remember where it is stored and makes it easier for technical support personnel to assist you.

  2. Click the Download link for the latest version on the TechView Software Download page.
    The File Download – Security Warning dialog box appears.

  3. Click Save to copy the installation file to your hard drive.
    Specify the \CH530 folder you created in Step 1 on the Save dialog box.

  4. Double-click the installation (.exe) file.
    The License Agreement dialog box appears.

  5. Click I Agree after reviewing the License Agreement.
    The Choose Components dialog box appears. All components are selected by default. (These are the actual MP versions for all units.) Deselect any components you do not want included in the installation.

    Note: Deselecting components reduces the size of the installed application.

  6. Click Install.
    The Installation dialog appears with a progress meter indicating the percentage of the installation that has occurred. An installation information file appears when the installation is complete.

  7. Click Close to exit the installation routine.