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Spokane Trane

Commercial Service & Sales

11002 E Montgomery Drive
Suite #500
Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
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(509) 867-5747 (509) 867-5747

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Advance Industrial Mechanical

Air Source Boiler, Modular Chillers, Active Heat Recovery


Noise/vibration isolation solutions


Custom curbs

CDI Curbs

Curbs, adaptor curbs, isolation curbs & rooftop screening


Rooftop screens, gates and enclosures

Cooney Freeze Block Coils

Replacement & freeze proof coils


High-performance control valves for energy-efficient building solutions

Energy Wall

Modular high-efficiency energy recovery systems


HEPA air purifier - permanent, in-room ceiling mounted True HEPA air cleaner that aligns with ASHRAE and CDC recommendations

Genesis Air

Air cleaning system combining technologies to control particles, gases and biological contaminants


Automatic balancing valves, manual balancing valves, pressure independent control valves, water source & fan coil connection kits

Johnson Thermal Systems

Process chillers, modular chillers, pump skids, custom chilled water systems

KCC Companies

Dedicated Outdoor Air Units, Curbs and Curb Adapters


HVLS fans


Fan arrays for air handling units


Energy recovery units, adapters, economizers and concentric devices


Custom HVAC units, HVAC coatings, HVAC modifications and air turnover


Cooling, conditioning, and purifying solutions

Multi Aqua

Air-cooled water chillers, ductless split systems for commercial and residential air conditioning and heating needs


Water-cooled chillers


Adiabatic cooling systems

Oilon (US)

High temperature and high capacity heat recovery/heat pump chillers    


Fixed-plate energy recovery units


Make-up air systems

Scott Springfield

Custom air handlers with traditional insulation options

Soler Palau

Fans, ventilators, indoor ERV's


Vertical stack fan coils


Custom roof curb manufacturer including roof curbs, insulated roof curbs and vibration isolation curbs 

Tower Tech

High efficiency, modular cooling towers (rental applications and permanent installations)