Today’s Packaged Rooftop Systems Applied to Yesterday’s Installations

October 18, 2022

Just as we’ve seen cassette tapes give way to CD’s and CD’s give way to streaming through Bluetooth, the HVAC industry is seeing similar step function changes in systems technologies. Although much of the innovation is driven by regulatory changes, this path to compliance often yields the development of more advanced equipment and unit controls, or better yet, systems that are “ready for today.” 
This webinar will focus on today’s advanced packaged rooftop equipment when they’re placed in older installations.  What should you consider?  What are the best recommendations from systems experts?  What can engineers, contractors, operators, and owners expect as the HVAC industry journeys down this new technology path? 

Learn more about how today’s advanced packaged rooftop equipment can be placed in older installations.

Key Learnings:

  • Overview of the Department of Energy’s minimum efficiency changes and performance metrics
  • Understand how controls technology advancements bring serviceability, flexibility, and connectivity improvements (and sometimes challenges) to engineers and installing contractors
  • How these technology advancements help HVAC manufacturers gain efficiencies
  • How changes from constant volume to multi-speed and variable speed affect system design, operation, and installation
  • We’ll break the myth: “Constant volume is required in hospitals and in hurricane shelters.”

Meet the Speakers

Christopher Williams
Unitary Applications Engineer
Trane Commercial

Christopher is a Senior Engineer with Trane Technologies Unitary Applications Engineering. A graduate of Texas Tech University, with 25 years of industry experience, he has served in a multitude of roles including project execution, sales, operations leadership, and counselor-based solutions. Working with fellow team members he combines his engineering knowledge and many years of field experience to help Trane offices understand the correct HVAC system choice, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Christopher is recently received the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and is Chair of ASHRAE SGPC 41 Guideline for Variable Refrigerant Flow. He is also a voting member of ASHRAE SSPC 15 Refrigerant Safety, SSPC 147 Release of Refrigerants, TC 8.7 VRF, and TC 10.3 Refrigerant Piping. In addition to ASHRAE Christopher has served with the AHRI Ductless Engineering Committee. Christopher and his family reside near Clarksville, Tennessee. Christopher is very active with the Boy Scouts of America. With his children’s help they are raising a non-hunting beagle, free-loading chickens, and a mess of petulant honeybees.

Chris Gist

Christopher Gist
Portfolio Leader, HVAC Equipment Controls    
Trane Commercial North America

Christopher Gist is a Portfolio Leader, responsible for Trane’s HVAC Equipment Controls. Chris has spent 22 years in the Energy Services and Controls industry and has performed a diverse set of leadership, technical, and marketing roles throughout the Trane organization since joining the company in 2003.  He currently leads Trane’s efforts centered on new controls product development and introduction of technological enhancements across Trane’s HVAC portfolio. In previous Product Management roles, he has been responsible for Trane’s software service tool and energy metering portfolios. He has also led multiple centralized fulfillment and operations teams responsible for controls installations throughout North America. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He is a Certified Energy Manager and a graduate of the Trane National Leadership Development Program. Outside of Trane, Chris enjoys the company of his wife and two sons. He is a lifelong Minnesotan who thoroughly enjoys the outdoors; be it fishing and camping in the summer, hunting in the fall, or coaching hockey and ice fishing in the winter. He is a volunteer and executive board member for multiple youth organizations.

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