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Geothermal and Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Opportunities to Decarbonize

Wednesday, October 25th

October 25, 2023

Wednesday, October 25th

Geothermal, or ground source solutions have gained renewed interest. Continued improvements in well drilling and heat exchange technology has led to improved performance and lower installed costs. While thermal energy storage has been around for over 40 years, innovations in heating with ice has expanded the operating map and carbon reduction potential. The increase in incentives in the form of fuel switching, carbon caps, carbon pricing and investment tax credits can make these systems even more attractive.

This webinar will explore advantages and disadvantages for commercial building geothermal and thermal energy storage solutions. Presenters will discuss key application considerations for distributed and centralized geothermal systems including a review of equipment. Thermal energy storage economics, cooling and heating system applications will also be discussed. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the changing decarbonization landscape 
  • Understand advantages and disadvantages of ground and storage source systems
  • Identify key considerations for geothermal and thermal energy storage systems 
  • Compare distributed and centralized geothermal solutions

Webinar Details:

Duration: 60 minutes

Meet the Speakers

Mike Filler

Mike Filler
Thermal Energy Storage Solutions Leader, Trane Commercial

Mike Filler is the Solutions Leader for Thermal Storage at Trane Commercial.  He is responsible for helping designers with thermal storage applications across North America.  Mike volunteers with ASHRAE technical committees 6.8 (Geothermal Heat Pump & Energy Recovery) and 6.9 (Thermal Storage).  Mike has a BSME from Clarkson University and an MBA from Indiana University.  He holds a PE license in Colorado and is ASHRAE Certified as a High-Performance Building Design Professional. 

Andrew Rushworth

Andrew Rushworth
Senior Product Manager, Trane Commercial 

Andrew recently joined Trane as the Senior Product Manager for Water Source Heat Pumps.

He joins us having worked most recently as a Category Director for Newell Brands.  Prior to that, Andrew held global platform management responsibilities for closed circuit cooling towers at Baltimore Air Coil.  During his time at BAC, he led multi-generational product planning and strategy efforts, launched modular cooling tower offerings in North America and Europe all while navigating regulatory changes in Europe. Andrew also survived a year’s experience teaching Science in a local Middle School.

Andrew holds a Master of Management Systems and Sciences from the University of Hull and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of London.  

Mick Schwedler

Mick Schwedler 
Applications Engineer & Strategic Industry Relations Manager, Trane Commercial

With Trane since 1982 Mick’s areas of expertise include system optimization (in which he holds patents) as well as design of chilled water systems, water source and geothermal heat pump systems and electrifying hydronic heating systems (with the goal of decarbonization). Prior to his work with Trane, Mick received his MSME from the University of Wisconsin Solar Energy Laboratory and BSME from Northwestern University.

Mick served as ASHRAE President 2021-22 and is also an ASHRAE Fellow, recipient of ASHRAE’s Exceptional Service, Distinguished Service, and Standards Achievement Awards. He was Chair of SSPC 90.1-2010, and the Advanced Energy Design Guide Steering Committee Chair. Mick has also served on multiple USGBC technical and education groups and chaired the LEED Technical Committee.

Mick Schwedler

Jackie Sopko
Chiller Commercialization Support Leader, Trane Commercial 

Jackie is the Chiller Commercialization Leader based out of Pueblo, Colorado. She has worked for Trane supporting chillers since 1997. During her time at Trane, she has had a number of different positions, including Technical Support Engineer, Water-cooled, Air-cooled and Arctic Chiller Product Manager. This gives her a great foundation to support customers. Jackie has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University Pueblo and outside of work she enjoys spending her free time traveling, camping and 4-wheeling.

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