Design Flexibility and Enhanced Speed to Commissioning with Trane Air Rotation Units

March 08, 2023

Engineers and Contractors are being asked more and more frequently to design efficiency and productivity into the construction process. Whether you are an engineer providing options for a cost effective, reimaged manufacturing facility or a contractor looking to provide a less labor, capital, and time-intensive installation, Air Rotation Units (ARU) are an ideal solution for heating and cooling large open spaces.

ARUs give designers the flexibility of a cost-effective solution compared to traditional, large single zone conditioning methods. By reducing temperature stratification you’ll create a more controlled, comfortable working environment, dramatically reduce installation costs versus rooftop units, and lower maintenance and energy costs in the process. Air Rotation Units are fast becoming a strong consideration for applications in high growth markets where facility needs and design requirements are rapidly evolving.

Key Learnings:

  • Understand how an ARU can be applied in warehouses, distribution, manufacturing, temperature sensitive storage and other large, open single zone spaces.
  • Review ARU standard product features and design criteria, including ideal equipment layout.
  • Discuss the benefits of ARUs vs. RTUs
  • See examples of installation, labor and energy cost savings gained from using ARUs

Learn the benefits of ARUs and how they can be applied for large, open single-zone spaces.

Meet the Speakers

Chip Metzger - Sales Manager, MJC. Inc.

Chip Metzger
Sales Manager
MJC, Inc.

Chip Metzger is the Sales Manager at MJC Inc. He has been with the company for 13 years and handles Trane National and Corporate Accounts and has worked directly with Trane on the re-branding of the Trane Air Rotation Unit.

Chip lives in Cartersville, GA with his wife and three children. His favorite hobby is playing golf (although time is limited with three children).

Joe Donikowski | Product Manager - Sourced Products, Trane Commercial North America

Joe Donikowski
Product Manager, Sourced Products
Trane Commercial North America

Joe Donikowski is a Product Manager at Trane. He has been with the company for 7 years and supports Trane's Air Rotation, Precision Cooling & Variable Frequency Drive portfolios.

Previously, Joe managed Trane's contracting business in parts of North and South Carolina. He currently works & lives in Charlotte, North Carolina..

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