ESG Investors Want to Buy You New HVAC (and other equipment): Find out why!

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April 27, 2022

Presented with Data Center Knowledge

Emerging regulatory and financial risks and opportunities have made ESG a priority focus for industry market leaders and the investment community.

Data centers offer a particularly attractive investment for ESG funds and asset managers because of:

  • High energy and emissions intensity
  • Customers and companies with sustainability commitments
  • Strong market outlook

Tune in to learn:

  • The state of data center sustainability
  • How financial leaders are looking to preserve capital
  • Why operational leaders have limited access to capital with legacy infrastructure
  • How sustainability leaders are driving measurable sustainability outcomes
  • Efficiency and sustainability in action: real-world stories and how to track success

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Meet the Speakers


Trevor Joelson, Decarbonization Program Lead – Key Accounts, Trane Commercial HVAC, Trane Technologies, is a program lead for Trane’s decarbonization program for key account customers. Through this program, Trevor collaborates with larger enterprises to define their environmental sustainability objectives and establish initiatives and programs to reduce operational emissions through financially attractive and measurable projects.

Trevor joined Trane through an acquisition of Fellon-McCord in 2016 and has held various roles in corporate energy & sustainability management over the last decade. His subject matter expertise is in the energy markets and how the supply-side of energy connects to the built environment. Trevor is a graduate of the University of Louisville.



Miles Auvil, Vertical Market Leader, Data Centers, Trane Commercial HVAC, is a leader in sales, design and service of mission-critical infrastructure. Rooted in his knowledge as a systems engineer, Miles has built a 22-year career specializing in data center design, energy management lifecycle and energy savings performance.

In 2020, Miles joined Trane Technologies as the Vertical Market Leader for Data Centers. He leads a team that consults with data center customers to design and implement precision cooling solutions that save energy, maximize uptime and accelerate speed-to-market. Before joining Trane, Miles worked as a national sales manager at Siemens, specializing in maintaining data centers and designing energy-efficient infrastructure. He helped more than 100 Siemens branches and national account managers grow their sales goals. He also held escalating positions at Schneider Electric, where he focused on federal energy projects and sustainability services.

Miles started his career at American Power Conversion (APC) Data Center and spent six years as Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer supporting projects with the Department of Defense and federal intelligence agencies, among other accounts. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from West Virginia University.