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New Trane® Climate Changer® Solutions Support Decarbonization, Provide Climate Control for Buildings in Fast-Growing Data Center, High-Tech Manufacturing Sectors

Trane Updates, Expands Modular, Space-Saving Systems to Serve More Applications

DAVIDSON, N.C., Dec. 13, 2023 – Trane – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, has debuted the new Trane® Climate Changer® solutions for data centers and high-tech industrial sectors to meet the decarbonization and climate control needs of data centers and electric vehicle and semiconductor manufacturing plants that are rapidly growing.

Trane has released the updated Trane Water-Cooled Self-Contained Model SWUD and the Modular Self-ContainedTM Unit to provide flexible options for commercial building applications that require smaller footprints. The company also announced a new version of its TRACE® 3D Plus modeling software with enhanced functionality.

“Trane embraces a forward-thinking approach to helping customers grow, advance toward decarbonization, and improve energy efficiency and comfort,” says David Molin, vice president of Trane Product Management, Equipment, Controls, and Digital. “As construction and operations boom in the data center and high-tech manufacturing sectors, Trane is providing engineers, specifiers, and contractors more standard solutions and quick-ship options to meet the demands of their new construction builds.”

Trane Climate Changer for Data Centers Offers Versatility, Efficiency, and Quick Installation

The Trane Climate Changer for data centers is ideal for those seeking to reduce carbon impact and water consumption, maximize space usage, and reliably meet specific cooling needs. For data centers that rely on fan coil walls to manage heat and humidity with tight tolerances, the units provide versatility with multiple direct drive plenum fans configured into compact stackable floor modules. It is a part of Trane’s dedicated industry assembly line that offers accelerated delivery options to meet urgent construction schedules.

Its space- and energy-saving features include:

  • Fan coil walls configured for 45,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) to 60,000 CFM, with piping and pressure-dependent coil valves and efficient fan and coil choices for easy installation, integration, and customization.
  • A compact design measuring five feet or less with narrow components that move through eight-foot doorways.
  • System design that maintains customer-specific temperature requirements with cooling capacities up to 400 kilowatts (kW) and an automatic transfer switch that changes units to secondary power sources during grid interruptions.
  • Lower-power input fan array for improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, and a factory-installed controller for optimized energy and system performance.

Trane Climate Changer for High-Tech Industrial

Specifically designed to meet the critical air purification requirements of high-tech industrial manufacturers, the Trane Climate Changer for high-tech industrial is a semi-customizable solution for Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Blower Coil Unit (BCU) applications.

Offering the versatility of upward and downward airflows, the vertically configured units help control humidity and particulates in the environment while helping to save energy costs and reduce carbon footprints. It can be customized and is ready to ship for short lead times.

Additional features include:

  • High-performance filtration that meets the rigorous specifications of advanced manufacturing environments.
  • Configurable design with a compact footprint that meets customers’ performance specifications and fits into tight spaces.
  • A vertical, electronically commutated motor (ECM) fan layout for quiet, efficient operation and flexible installation options.
  • Factory-mounted, pre-programmed Symbio® 500 controls enable building automation system (BAS) connection.

Redesigned Trane Water-Cooled Self-Contained, Model SWUD Uses New Generation Refrigerant

Balancing cost and efficiency with improved full-load efficiencies 30% higher on average than legacy models, the redesigned Trane Water-Cooled Self-Contained Model SWUD uses the next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) R-454B refrigerant that meets new compliance requirements.

Featuring a small footprint that fits into compact indoor spaces, the Trane Water-Cooled, Self-Contained Model SWUD is available in 20- to 110-ton capacities. A lower-cost, single-piece solution that helps to reduce long-term energy expenses, it meets the needs of low- to mid-rise new construction builds with:

  • Space-conserving features include up to 28% smaller footprint than legacy units, flexible left-hand and right-hand options for water, a paired cooling tower that can serve multiple units, and installed ductwork and variable air volume (VAV) boxes that can also be used for heating.
  • An integrated Symbio 500 controller with a TD7 color touchscreen display for smart connectivity and remote access.
  • Increased energy efficiency resulting from a new standard fan array with ECM direct drive plenum fans featuring integrated variable frequency drive (VFD).
  • New standard enhancements include a one-inch, foam-injected, double-wall panel construction for noise reduction and MERV 8 or 13 filters for indoor air quality improvement.
  • A durable steel frame door with optional anticorrosive protection evaporator, an easy-to-clean shell-and-tube condenser, and fully hinged, screwless access for simplified installation and maintenance.
  • Safety features include an electrical panel that separates low- and high-voltage and a factory-installed leak detection system.

Trane’s Modular Self-Contained solution, ideal for retrofits and replacements in floor-by-floor applications, is now available in more sizes from 25 to 80 tons. The modular units are designed in small cassettes that fit through standard doorways, hallways, and freight elevators and can be assembled and commissioned inside buildings.

TRACE 3D Plus Version 6 Introduces Multiple Enhancements

The newest version of the TRACE 3D Plus energy and economic analysis modeling software includes new features and functionality in response to user needs. Designed to improve quality, performance, and scalability, Version 6.00.106 enables users to auto-size supply air dry bulb heating temperature, reduce U-factors for several opaque constructions, change the assigned construction for windows and doors, reduce simulation time, and access centralized information for systems, zones, and rooms easily.

Media Contact

Carla Vallone for Trane Commercial
Direct phone: 760-479-5732