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New Thermafit® Model MAS All-in-One Multi-pipe Heat Pump Provides 8.2 Times More Efficiency than Other Forms of Electric Heating

DAVIDSON, N.C., July 10, 2024 – Trane – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, today introduced the Thermafit® Air-Source Modular Multi-pipe Model MAS, a heat pump that produces cooling in the summer, heating in the winter, or simultaneous heating and cooling when both are required. The Thermafit Model MAS helps give contractors and engineers the option to eliminate or reduce the need for traditional, fossil fuel boilers and owners new solutions to decarbonize buildings through the electrification of heating.

Trane has also released an improved Deluxe Sound Package for the Trane® AxiomTM  Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs) to help improve occupant comfort and updates and improvements to the Tracer® SC+ Building Automation System (BAS).

Flexible, Reliable, and High-Performing the Thermafit Model MAS

The new Thermafit Model MAS is an all-in-one air-source modular multi-pipe heat pump with advanced logic to independently control each module’s mode of operation – cooling, heating, or heat recovery. It responds to varying building loads throughout the day and year, resulting in performance that is 8.2 times more energy efficient than other forms of electric heating.

“The Thermafit Model MAS may be the only piece of HVAC equipment a building needs because it can do it all – act as a chiller to cool the building, as a heat pump to heat the building, or as a heat recovery unit to deliver simultaneous heating and cooling,” said David Molin, Vice President of Trane Product Management. “Building stakeholders developing or implementing decarbonization, sustainability, or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives may find that the exceptional system design of the Model MAS is a great fit for buildings today and the world of tomorrow.”

Featuring a flexible, compact, modular design, building engineers can easily apply the MAS to new or existing systems, and contractors can install and maintain it without the complex infrastructure that is common with water-cooled or geothermal systems. Notable features include:

  • 30-ton (433 MBH) modules can be banked together with up to 10 modules for larger capacities or future expansions (up to 300-ton bank/4330 MBH heating).
  • Hot water temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius).
  • Vapor injection scroll compressor with advanced defrost capabilities for cold climate operation.   
  • A redundant, modular design eliminates single points of failure to support continuous operation.
  • Next-generation, low-GWP refrigerant R-454B.

Redesigned Deluxe Sound Package for Axiom Horizontal and Vertical WSHPs

Because Trane Axiom Horizontal and Vertical Water Source Heat Pumps help contribute to carbon-reducing efficiency, they are ideal for multi-tenant structures. They are also commonly placed near occupied spaces. A new and improved Deluxe Sound Package is now available from Trane as a factory-installed option on standard and high-efficiency units to help increase occupant comfort. One of the quietest WSHP units available, testing validates that with the deluxe sound package, the Axiom Vertical and Horizontal Water Source Heat Pumps operate up to five decibels more quietly than units without the package installed. The package includes sound-absorbing compressor blankets, mass-loaded vinyl sound barriers, and two-inch-thick insulation on its cabinet panels.

Enriched Tracer SC+ Supports Equipment Controllers of the Future and Yesteryear

Tracer SC+, Trane’s powerful building automation system that integrates data from HVAC equipment, has been updated with improved controls features that enhance system operation and increase productivity for building management teams. The latest release includes:

  • Broader support for buildings of the past, present, and future, with protocol communication compatibility for legacy Trane equipment and equipment from other OEMs.
  • Enhanced chiller plant control that helps optimize rotation, staging, and sequencing of multiple chillers to accommodate dynamic building loads while maximizing chiller life and helping to improve efficiency, as well as new application configurations valuable for large chiller plants.
  • Updated cybersecurity features and enhancements, including support for 802.1X authentication.

Tracer SC+ integrates building equipment through a simple communications bridge so facility managers can connect their buildings, be more responsive to occupants, and set new standards for sustainability. Built on a foundation of industry-standard open protocols, including BACnet, LonTalk, and Modbus, it supports Trane and non-Trane equipment from all generations so building owners and managers can align sustainability with profitability.

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Jana McDonough