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Customer Stories

World Market Center

Project Summary

When complete World Market Center will include eight buildings totaling more than 12 million square feet—the world’s largest furniture design and show room center.


When the 10-story World Market Center Phase I was completed in 2005, it included three Trane chillers totaling 3900 tons of capacity, plus 35 Trane packaged air conditioning units. Trane controls include a Tracer Summit™ chiller plant optimization system plus variable frequency drives on the chillers and water pumps. The 16-story Phase II was completed in November of 2006 and included 789 non- Trane heat pumps with hard-wired thermostats. Construction of the 20-story Phase III began in 2007 and was completed in 2008. Trane secured the order for 1100 Trane heat pumps. Trane also brought to the table a time- and money-saving improvement that helped World Market Center “cut the cord” with hard-wired thermostats: Wireless zone sensor thermostats.


Trane wireless zone sensors speeded the construction process by eliminating thermostat wiring. Without the need for conduit and wiring, Trane wireless zone sensor technology is perfect for new construction, remodels and retrofits. Eliminating hard wiring provides substantial time and money savings by eliminating the need for wiring schematics, conduit and running wires through walls, over ceilings or under floors. Wireless sensors are easily placed where desired. When space configurations change, the sensors are simply moved to a new location. Working with a Trane Tracer Summit™ system, the wireless zone sensors provide better, targeted control of temperatures and humidity that tenants appreciate.


Tom Wackrow was Vice President of Construction when Phase III of the World Market Center was built. Wackrow says, “While Trane wireless zone sensors provide significant installation and construction cost savings, the real value is found after the building is complete and open. 

“We reconfigure the World Market Center show rooms at least a couple of times every year and the wireless zone sensors save us a huge amount of time and money. We can simply relocate the wireless thermostats as needed to accommodate new clients and floor plan changes. We don’t need to move or run new conduit or wires. It’s literally as simple as moving the thermostat to a different wall. It only takes a few minutes. 

“I would highly recommend Trane wireless zone sensors for other building owners. The flexibility that this technology gives us in our ability to change the building interior and redecorate for new shows and tenants is extremely valuable.” 

Wackrow also cites the dependability of the Trane water source heat pumps that provide efficient, flexible air conditioning for Phase III of World Market Center. Wackrow says, “We’ve had no issues with these units at all—and the building management team and tenants are pretty good about letting me know if there are problems. These units run well and if properly maintained, they should last forever.”

About World Market Center

Trane deals a winning hand with wireless technology at World Market Center in Las Vegas. World Market Center is a dynamic showcase for the home and hospitality contract furnishings industry in the heart of Las Vegas, the fastestgrowing home furnishings market in the country. The $3 billion, 5 million square feet, state-of-the-art campus showcases furniture, decorative accessories, gifts, lighting, area rugs, home textile and related segments, as well as the Las Vegas Design Center.

world market center hero.JPG