Liberty Public Schools

HVAC and Control Systems Upgrades • Liberty, Missouri

Trane Wireless Zone Sensor thermostats speed the construction process at a large school district in Missouri.


In early 2007 the Liberty School District initiated a project to renovate and upgrade the HVAC systems and equipment throughout the district. As part of the project, the district also wanted to install and integrate the HVAC systems with a single, district-wide building control system. At that time the school district had Trane HVAC systems in five of the schools and control systems from two other suppliers in the other 10 school buildings. Four of the schools had no control systems. Magnifying the challenge was the requirement that all work needed to be completed during the summer of 2007, before students returned to class.


Working with Dan Ketelle in the Kansas City Trane office, Liberty School District replaced many of the old HVAC units with new Trane products for improved efficiency, comfort control and reliability. Liberty Schools also opted to purchase a Trane Tracer ES™ automation system for district-wide control.

In the schools where Trane HVAC equipment is used, Trane also recommended installing their newly developed wireless zone sensors to speed the installation process. Wireless zone sensors eliminated the time and expense associated with hard wiring.


By using Trane wireless sensors the HVAC upgrades in schools with Trane equipment were completed on time before school opened in the fall of 2007. Schools not using Trane systems were not finished until 2008. Trane wireless sensors improved the construction process by eliminating the need for hard wiring. Without the need for conduit and wiring, Trane wireless zone sensor technology is perfect for new construction, remodels and retrofits. No hard wiring provides substantial savings in time and money by eliminating the need for wiring schematics, conduit and running wires. Wireless sensors are simply placed where desired. When space configurations change, the sensors can be quickly and easily moved to a new location. Working with a Trane Tracer ES system, the zone sensors provide better, targeted control of temperatures and humidity.

Steven Aldrich, Director of Maintenance at Liberty School District, said, “Installation of the wireless thermostats definitely expedited the installation/construction process which is a very important feature when dealing with the small windows of opportunity—spring break, Christmas break, summer break—that we usually have to accomplish projects of this nature.

“The biggest advantage of the wireless thermostat is the fact that it’s easily relocated. On occasion we are required to reconfigure a classroom (or classrooms) to support a new course of instruction or to accommodate our growing student population. The ability to easily and almost instantaneously relocate the thermostat anywhere in the room during the course of remodeling or construction gives us complete flexibility.

“The wireless thermostats operate as well as our hard-wired thermostats. When you couple the operating characteristics, which are virtually the same as a hard-wired thermostat, with the ease of installation, it makes the wireless thermostat a very attractive option.

Aldrich concluded, “I’m pleased with the performance of our wireless thermostats. They expedited the installation process and gave us options for thermostat placement we wouldn’t have had with hard-wired thermostats. In addition, they allow flexibility and ease of thermostat relocation if future construction or remodeling projects require this.”

About Liberty Public Schools

Liberty Public Schools serves residents of about 85 square miles of Clay County, northeast of Kansas City. The District includes a preschool, ten elementary schools, two middle schools, two junior high schools, a senior high school and a second senior high school scheduled to open in 2010.

Liberty Public Schools has been named a “High Performing School District” by the State of Missouri for six consecutive years—the highest accreditation given to a Missouri school, recognizing Liberty Public Schools as one the state’s best school districts. Liberty students consistently score above state and national norms on standardized tests, have a graduation rate of 90.8 percent and more than 90 percent of graduates seek higher education. The district was one of only three schools in the nation honored by the National School Boards Association for technology excellence. Liberty is being used as a State of Missouri model for effective use of technology in learning.