Davenport Community Schools

Earning Top Grades

Trane is helping Davenport Community Schools (DCS), third largest school district in Iowa, efficiently manage its energy resources.
• Reduced electrical consumption more than 2.5 million kWh
• Reduced natural gas use more than 363,000 therms
• Saved DCS more than $1.5 million


Since 2003 DCS has renewed its efforts to reduce energy consumption and improve school building comfort and learning environment.


DCS worked with Trane to identify energy-saving opportunities and strategies. Building audits were conducted and a plan developed to replace inefficient air conditioning, boilers and lighting systems.
The entire district was involved in the process that included: conducting random building audits throughout the school year; encouraging staff and students to shut off lights in unused rooms and powering down idle computers; the inclusion of energy efficient lighting in all buildings; the installation of new boilers that have efficiency ratings of nearly 95 percent; installing occupancy censors for room unit ventilators, lighting and water coolers; and implementing a no-idle rule for all buses and district vehicles.


Since 2003 DCS has reduced electrical consumption by more than 2.5 million kWh and natural gas consumption by more than 363,000 therms, with a total reduction in energy consumption of 24.9 percent. Overall, the school district has saved $1.5 million. In 2004 DCS was recognized by the U.S. EPA for its leadership in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources. DCS was the only school district recognized with the award in the U.S. EPA Region 7 which includes Kansas, Iowa,Nebraska, and Missouri. Bill Good, Department of Operations, said, "In 2006 we also received the Pinnacle of Excellence Award from the Association of School Business Officials International for our comprehensive energy management strategies. Ninety-four percent of our schools have ENERGY STAR labels. The district was recognized in March 2007 as ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. Comfortable classrooms certainly have an impact on student achievement. We are proud that we have increased the comfort level of student spaces through upgraded ventilation rates and in a more efficient way."

About Davenport Community Schools

Davenport Community Schools includes 35 separate sites and serves nearly 17,000 students in the communities of Blue Grass, Buffalo, Davenport and Walcott. Davenport Community Schools was founded in 1858 when Antoine LeClaire provided a $500 loan to help establish the present Davenport Community Schools from several separate school systems in the area. Since then the district has grown by building on its industrious heritage with innovative programs that serve the needs of all children. Today Davenport Community Schools is one of the largest school districts in a state well-known for its commitment to education.