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Customer Stories

Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries hero.jpg


Energy efficiency was a key element in Hunter's plans to renovate a nearly 49,000 square foot, two-building complex.  The joined buildings, previously housing low-occupancy, light industrial workshops and storage areas, were being converted to high-occupancy office space for their engineering teams.  The complex also would include more than 10,000 square feet  of space for an employee workout facility. Working with its mechanical contractor, the company sought an HVAC solution that would align with its commitment to sustainability, and its goal of LEED certification.


A Trane customer for nearly thirty years, Hunter Industries discussed the project with the company's representatives. Trane suggested its variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system to meet the comfort needs of employees and the energy efficiency objectives of the company. After evaluating the benefi ts of the Trane system, Hunter Industries moved forward with the project.

An innovative design
Rather than moving heated or cooled air throughout the interior of a building like many traditional systems, the Trane® VRF system quietly moves heated or cooled refrigerant throughout the interior of a building using small-diameter pipes. The refrigerant then passes through coils in each room being served, and fans move air past the coils. The fans, with sound levels as low as 23 dBA, transfer warmed or cooled  air into the rooms for a comfortable office environment.

Reducing installation costs
Eliminating the need to install replacement chillers and ductwork, the Trane® VRF addressed Hunter Industries' comfort  needs, while keeping installation costs down. With a small footprint and an appealing look, the VRF units also have less impact on the existing structure and building aesthetics.

Minimizing energy consumption
The innovative compressor technology of the Trane® VRF provides efficiency, reliability and longevity. Through the use of a three-pipe design and vapor-injection technology, Trane® VRF heat-recovery systems achieve improved heating performance and overall energy e ciency. The VRF’s efficient, asymmetric scroll design increases refrigerant flow rate and heating capacity by up to 20 percent. The high-performance variable speed compressors precisely match their output to demand levels, allowing Hunter Industries to heat or cool rooms, only when they are in use. This maximizes comfort and minimizes energy consumption.

Meeting diverse comfort needs
Trane® VRF unit controllers can be used to set zone temperature and fan speed to help keep energy costs low, while delivering simultaneous heating and cooling as needed. With individual zone controls, Hunter Industries can keep both its high-occupancy office areas and its varied-occupancy workout rooms, comfortable.


Aligning with Hunter Industries’ sustainability commitment, a Trane® VRF system installed in its engineering building complex is helping to reduce energy costs. The quiet system with zone controls addresses the diverse comfort needs of the employees throughout the complex.

“When we learned about the Trane® VRF system, we were intrigued by the zone control we could achieve with the system,” said Todd Melton, Plant Engineer, Hunter Industries.  “Now, for the first time, our employees can have their area the temperature they want.”

"We pride ourselves on being an innovative company," said Jeremy Handler, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Hunter Industries. "The Trane® VRF is cutting edge. We're pleased with its efficiency and performance."