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Customer Stories

Mid Hudson Medical Group



When Kirchhoff Companies began planning construction of a new Mid Hudson Medical Group building, patient and doctor comfort were of utmost importance. Specifications and a budget were outlined, and a timeline was established to get the new facility up and running as quickly as possible. The company knew that working with a responsive partner for HVAC and controls would be key to achieving its objectives.


In a competitive bidding process, Kirchhoff Companies selected Trane® as their supplier of HVAC and controls for the new building. The Trane solution, an EarthWise™ Intelligent Variable Air System, included Trane rooftop units, variable air volume (VAV) boxes, and a building automation system that utilized wireless communication and integration of a third party critical process management system.

Creating a comfortable environment
Four Trane IntelliPak™ rooftop units answer the medical group’s comfort needs. The IntelliPak’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), which measures cooling power compared to electrical usage, shows the units to be 10 percent more efficient than the government standard. The IntelliPak’s eDrive™ direct-drive plenum fan technology provides quiet operation for a comfortable environment, and is 20 percent more efficient than traditional forward-curved fans. With a touchscreen display that speeds troubleshooting and a beltless design that reduces the need for unplanned service, the Intellipak rooftop units can help to lower operating costs.

Using insight to support efficiency
The system included 180 Trane variable air volume (VAV) boxes. Building managers can easily monitor efficiency of the EarthWise VAV system with user-friendly dashboards that allow quick visual inspection of system operation, efficiency and comfort conditions to help maintain peak performance, and reduce hot or cold complaints. With advanced technologies, the EarthWise VAV system delivers 20 percent to 30 percent more efficiency than a traditional VAV system.

Streamlining operations, integrating control
A web-based Tracer™ SC building automation system (BAS) allows building operators to streamline operations, performing daily tasks including scheduling, troubleshooting, alarm management and data analysis from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Facility managers use the Tracer SC to monitor system operations and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and energy savings. Controls graphics include an overlay of ductwork on the floor plans and a non-ductwork view, making it easier to see erratic space temperature and enable troubleshooting. The Tracer SC integrates third party computer room unit controllers via a BACnet/IP network, allowing facility personnel to view detailed real-time data from the MRI equipment room and third floor data center.

Enabling reliable communication, reducing installation time and cost
Trane® Air-Fi™ wireless technology, eliminated the need for communication wires between system and unit controllers, reducing installation time and cost, and helping to get the building up and running faster. The wireless technology provides flexibility for easier relocation of controls and VAV boxes should there be a need for a future change in the building layout. With redundant, self-repairing mesh technology Air-Fi maintains wireless communication throughout the building, even when signals are obstructed. Disrupted signals automatically and immediately reroute around obstacles, helping eliminate the risk of disconnection
and disruption of critical operations.


A fully-functional, patient-ready facility for Mid Hudson Medical Group was up and running within one year, achieving comfort, timing and budget specifications outlined by real estate development firm, Kirchhoff Companies. A Trane EarthWise™ Intelligent Variable Air System, which includes IntelliPak™ rooftop units, addresses comfort needs and improves indoor air quality for medical personnel and patients at the facility. Building managers employ an easy-to-use Tracer SC building automation system to monitor equipment and streamline operations. The use of Air-Fi wireless technology helped to reduce installation time and labor cost, and enables reliable system communication.

“Reliability is most important to us, as well as being able to get a quick response when needed," said Jeff Kane, project manager, Kirchhoff Companies. "We were pleased with the Mid Hudson Medical Group project; everybody has equipment, so for us it is all about the relationship we have with our vendors.”