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Customer Stories

Gail Borden Public Library District

Project Highlights

Location: Elgin, Illinois

Industry: Community Spaces

Products Used: Chillers,

Services Used: Rental Services, Upgrading,

Climate: Humid & Cold

Topic: Sustainability, Efficiency,

Gail Borden Public Library District hero.jpg


Providing a comfortable environment for its visitors and employees was of paramount importance to Gail Borden Public Library District. To achieve this objective the district sought to reduce risk of a major component failure to ensure reliable operation for comfort cooling from its thirteen year old chillers, and minimize any unplanned downtime.


Trusting the expertise of factory-authorized and trained technicians to service its chillers, Gail Borden Public Library District relied on its long-term service agreement with Trane to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency, and prevent downtime of its HVAC systems. Continually planning for its sustainable future and emergency avoidance, the library district is a firm believer in preventive maintenance, consistently evaluating system performance, and adhering to factory recommendations regarding upgrades and retrofits.

Minimizing risk and service costs
Sharing Gail Borden Public Library District’s commitment to optimal system performance and risk avoidance,  Trane's building services account executive worked with the district’s facility manager every step of the  equipment evaluation and emergency planning process. Trane presented an evaluation of  the district’s two air-cooled Series R™ Helical Rotary Chillers, model RTAC. The report included budget numbers on the cost of replacing the chillers with new chillers, the cost of a rental chiller if needed for emergency downtime, and the cost of replacing the compressor(s) on an emergency basis verses the cost of the Trane R’newal™ Service, a unique program designed to restore chillers back to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

The Gail Borden Public Library District division chief presented the evaluation and plans for a long-term, budgeted capital expense solution to the board. After reviewing the different options for emergency failure costs and cost of a possible rental chiller or replacement, the board elected to proceed with a Trane R’newal Service program to take a proactive step to optimize equipment operation and minimizing financial risk.

Restoring chillers to OEM specifications
To restore the library district’s chillers back to OEM specifications, Trane performed the Trane R’newal™ Service on the three compressors in each of the two chillers. The Trane R’newal Service is a comprehensive program that restores the performance of the compressors by replacing worn parts and materials, bringing the chillers to the same level of reliability as offered by a new Trane chiller. The R’newal Service includes verification of leak integrity to reduce refrigerant loss, and prevents expensive compressor or motor failure that could be caused by worn bearings. The service is backed a five year labor and parts OEM compressor  warranty.


Trane R’newal Service restored the compressors in two chillers at Gail Borden Public Library District to OEM specifications to deliver the manufacturer's original commitment of reliability and performance. The library district is now enjoying peace of mind, knowing that their Trane Series R™ Helical Rotary Chillers are maintained and serviced by factory-trained technicians, and are backed by a long-term factory warranty. The improved system reliability has reduced the need for expensive emergency repairs and the risk of unplanned downtime. By reducing the possibility of refrigerant leaks, the district is also helping to conserve the environment.

“Our organization utilizes a proactive P/M philosophy with respect to all of our physical assets,” said David Considine, division chief, facilities and building operations, Gail Borden Public Library District. “We know from many years of experience that this is the best strategy to reduce large costly capital projects due to systems failing at the wrong time. R’newal Service allowed us to have planned shutdowns vs an unplanned shutdown of the chiller system. We’re very pleased with the project and the results.”