LDS Temple Visitors Center


New Trane Model RTWD Series R chiller installed to provide reliable, efficient air-conditioning at landmark church visitors center.


The Trane Model RTWA Series R™ chiller installed at the Visitors Center in 1997 had accumulated more than 40,000 hours of running time—the equivalent of four and one-half years of continuous operation. Although the chiller continued to provide trouble-free operation, it was decided to replace the chiller.

Larry Packer, Manager for the Facilities Management Group at the LDS Mesa area, said, “The old chiller was running fine but it was 10 years old and had a lot of running hours. We were beginning to get concerned. We didn’t want it to go down in the middle of the summer.”


Packer hired an HVAC consultant who had done a great deal of work for the LDS Church. Packer said, “He looked at a variety of suppliers but favored Trane chillers and especially the new Model RTWD helical-rotary chiller that was going to be built in Pueblo, Colorado. Since that chiller wasn’t yet available in 2008, we delayed the replacement project about eight months until that new chiller became available.”


The LDS Visitors Center received one of the very first of the new Model RTWD chillers to come out of Trane’s Pueblo factory. The new chiller was shipped in late February, 2009, and by the first week of March it was up and running, providing chilled water for the LDS Visitor’s Center.

Trent Hunt, Trane National Account Manager for the LDS Church, says the new chiller offers improved efficiency over the old Model RTWA chiller—approximately 13 percent more efficient for a projected energy cost savings of $2200 per year at the LDS Temple Visitors Center in Mesa. The new RTWD version is also significantly quieter than the old version..

Packer cited the compact size of the Model RTWD chiller that makes it ideal for replacement projects. “The installation process went very well. Sunwest Mechanical installed the chiller. It was very tight moving the new chiller into the equipment room through the door. We had only about one-half inch of clearance.”.

Jack Harris, Assistant Building Engineer, said, “We’ve been real happy with the chiller. One of our main concerns was noise because on the other side of the equipment room is a theater where we show films. You can put your ear right up to that wall in the theater and not hear a thing from the equipment room..

Harris also cited the fact that the Church has a three-year service contract with Trane that provides regular inspections and maintenance of the new chiller. Says Harris, “We’re real happy with this chiller and the service we get from Trane.” Trane

About LDS Temple Visitors Center

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple in Mesa was completed in 1927. The Visitors Center, built in 1980, offers visitors artwork, exhibits and dioramas throughout the year—requiring an effective, efficient air conditioning system to deal with Arizona’s 100-degree plus summer weather.