K-12 Education

United States

Kansas City Public Schools

Performance guarantee funds re-commissioning to restore mechanical equipment operation throughout District, resulting in significant energy savings to the District and $1.3 million in rebates; keeps schools open during extreme hot/cold weather conditions.

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Vernon Hills High School

With a lack of communication between four controls systems causing inefficiencies and high energy use, Vernon Hills High School (VHHS) consolidated systems, resulting in an energy savings forecast of $51,000, a $193,000 incentive, and streamlined building management.

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Dighton Unified School District 482

Performance contracting upgrades result in projected savings in operations, maintenance and utility expenses of $190,000 a year; enhance classroom learning environment.

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River Trails School District

Collaborative partnership results in increased energy efficiency, $64,000 in rebates, consistent classroom comfort, and an enhanced STEM lab to improve environmental literacy.

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Decatur County Community Schools

Decatur County Community Schools includes two elementary and two high schools, serving approximately 2,195 students in grades Pre-K through 12. The school district believes in personalized student learning opportunities through the integration of technology and curriculum, and focuses on encouraging students to persevere to meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and a willingness to solve problems.

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