Trane High Performance Building Profiled in Case Study

May 29, 2013

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an international nonprofit environmental organization, has released a case study of the energy savings of Godrej Bhavan building in Mumbai, India. Trane was a significant partner in the upgrades and transformation of this high performance building, including manufacturing and installing the HVAC and building management system with digital energy meters that continuously monitor and adjust energy use. 

Since the energy efficiency upgrades were completed in 2010, the building has experienced significant reductions in energy use and huge decreases in its energy bills, up to 28 percent. The NRDC case study is a comprehensive analysis of the upgrades, including cooling and lighting systems, energy management and metering and water flow metering. The study finds that “Godrej Bhavan has achieved significant financial and environmental quality benefits for the building owners and occupants.”

We agree with the study conclusion that the Godrej Bhavan building is indicative of India’s transforming building market. As India's needs continue to increase, implementing energy efficiency measures will be an important, cost-effective tool to meet demand.

Go here to read more about this building and the results, and go here to learn more about Trane’s approach to high performance buildings.