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Solutions for Ultra Low Temperature Storage & Transportation

From fish to pharma, Trane® can help.

Trane® is now offering portable refrigeration solutions for you to confidently deliver pharma to locations that need it most, including COVID-19 vaccines. Our solutions are designed and engineered by our strategic brand partner Thermo King®, the world leader in transport refrigeration, which means you can feel confident in the reliability and integrity of your cold chain. These same containers were used to transport vaccines during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Learn more about the range of solutions available that would best fit your need below.

SuperFreezer 20ft Rendering Pharma Storage

The Cost of a Broken Cold Chain

  • 25% of vaccines reach their destination in a degraded state because of incorrect shipping
  • Almost 30% of scrapped sales at pharmaceutical companies can be attributed to logistics issues
  • Almost 20% of temperature-sensitive health care products are damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain
  • Approximately $35 billion is lost annually as a result of failures in temperature-controlled logistics

Trane is ready to help you with your risk mitigation or emergency response plan. 

Thermo King’s SuperFreezer is a solution that can maintain cargo at a consistently cold temperature. This solution is ideal for high-value cargo, and with extra insulation, can preserve the condition of products at ultra-low temperatures.

Learn More About our SuperFreezer Offering

We are here to help

Flexibility of Applications

School Nutrition Programs

School nutrition programs are facing a crisis because of supply chain issues and labor shortages. Thermo King SuperFreezer refrigerated container units are designed to create and maintain ultra-low temperatures to protect the food served in your school district’s nutrition program.

Equally effective in 10’ or 20’ containers, the SuperFreezer solution can be used for frozen food storage solutions. These units can maintain temperatures between -94°F to +14°F, so you can relax knowing your food is properly stored. 


Healthcare & Pharma

Thermo King’s SuperFreezer can maintain cargo at its optimal temperature with minimal fluctuation. With extra insulation, off-site preservation avoids retrogradation of product quality.

With an extreme temperature range of -70oC [the average temperature on Mars] to -10oC, it is the only product in the market that can maintain the needed temperature of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

Food & Groceries

Thermo King has sold its ultra-cold freezer product for over 20 years. Its inception was to meet the need for premium grade sashimi tuna that also has ultra-cold storage needs in the marine application.

At temperatures of -62oC, the “eutectic point” (EP) is reached and all water in the cells of a product is completely frozen and all microbial decomposition comes to a standstill.

At temperatures below -62oC it is possible to transport or store food for an “infinite” period without loss of quality.

Store What You Need, Safely

Regardless of a vaccine’s required temperature, Trane and Thermo King have end-to-end solutions to ensure it arrives safely to inoculation sites around the world in our 10' or 20' containers.

Want to get to know our strategic brand partner, Thermo King®?