The lighting design of indoor spaces can affect peoples’ mood, productivity and even the rhythms of their bodies.

Enlightening buildings for a better indoor world.

Lighting is moving beyond illumination, and beyond the energy-savings delivered by LEDs. Researchers continue to learn more about the science of circadian lighting: how light’s changing intensity (light level), color temperature, and other scientific variables such as spectral power distribution affect people and the world around us. We know that certain ultraviolet wavelengths can effectively address airborne pathogens that can cause illnesses to spread. New and emerging research is providing inspiration for lighting industry innovation and expanding the field of lighting science.

Lighting can mean more than just producing light.

Today’s more intelligent lighting systems have   significant potential to improve safety, comfort and productivity. For example, imagine embedding sensors in fixtures to activate real time location services, like contact tracing and asset tracking. By integrating controls over lighting and HVAC, Trane can make it easier to manage more of what is happening inside your building—from one easy-to-use user interface.

How to influence well-being and productivity.

In nature, the human circadian rhythm that affects sleep  is affected by the 24-hour pattern of sunlight and darkness. Using LED lighting and controls technology, we can mimic natural outdoor sunlight indoors by varying light color temperature, spectral power distribution, and intensity throughout the day. Research studies have found applying circadian-friendly lighting strategies can result in employees feeling better, happier, and more productive.1

How to sanitize air and surfaces.

Germicidal UV lighting solutions, commonly referred to as GUV, inactivate certain viruses or kill unhealthy microbes (including cold and flu) using specific wavelengths in the ultraviolet light spectrum. Trane’s integrated solutions provide proper control to help ensure the safety and effectiveness of GUV solutions.

Think bigger, shine brighter.

Lighting is becoming a more specialized, science-driven niche. Anyone can change a light bulb.  Trane’s expert specialists will introduce you to the greater, integrated opportunities in the world of human-centric lighting.

Featured Lighting Solutions.

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