Uncover Ways to Improve Your Indoor Experience

When you choose Wellsphere, a dedicated Trane expert will start with an assessment of your building to identify opportunities to optimize your unique indoor experience.

Assess your Indoor Air Quality

Trane’s Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services analyze how effectively your building’s indoor air quality meets both your goals and the latest industry recommendations with a focus on the four key contributors to air: dilute, exhaust, contain, and clean.

The Four Key Areas of Indoor Air Quality

In partnership with a Trane Account Manager, you can create a customized approach to assessing IAQ through Trane's Indoor Air Quality Assessment Services offerings: 

  • IAQ Assessment: A comprehensive, full on-site assessment with visual inspection and physical measurement of air quality indicators
  • IAQ Audit: A remote, sensor-enabled assessment using the power of air quality sensors and the capability of Trane controls
  • IAQ Pilot:  A before-and-after performance analysis of mitigation options specifically selected to improve the IAQ for your unique space

When completed, your Account Manager will share a detailed assessment report with recommendations to align your building with leading industry guidelines and your building certification goals.

Get Your Building Ready

Let us help you get started.


Through our deep understanding of how lighting affects occupant mood, productivity and even the rhythms of their bodies, we identify opportunities to improve indoor lighting to have a greater impact on building comfort and energy efficiency.


We can help you create a comforting, distraction-free environment. The Trane Acoustics Program creates an acoustical model of your space to accurately predict and compare system sound levels.

Thermal Comfort

We can optimize occupant wellness and hot or cold spots by evaluating set points and controls while reducing wasted energy. For new construction, we can help you design and size for temperature, humidity, and air movement.


Step 2: Mitigate

Step 2: Mitigate

Apply the right solutions tailored to meet your building’s needs.

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Step 3: Manage

Step 3: Manage

Access data and insights to manage your building and build trust for the people inside.

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