Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis

The compressor is an integral part of an air conditioning unit. With only the analysis of its oil, the Trane lab can get a "look inside," without tearing it completely down. When unacceptable wear conditions develop inside the compressor, a corresponding detectable change in the characteristics of the oil will become evident.

The Trane Chemical Lab can test an oil sample for the following properties:

  • Metal wear
  • Moisture
  • Acidity
  • Viscosity (optional)
  • Aniline point (optional)
  • Solid residue (optional)

The standard Trane Chemical Lab oil analysis report will include:

  • Numerical data on all tests performed as well as data from previous samples on the
    same compressor

  • Present and past interpretations and recommendations on samples from the compressor

  • Graphing of the current test data with data from previous samples for comparative purposes

An oil analysis report, plus the related knowledge of a qualified and experienced service engineer, will provide valuable information about the internal condition of a compressor.

For further information on the Trane Chemical Laboratory oil analysis service, please contact your nearest Trane Commercial Sales Office.