Screw Compressors

For all large commercial and industrial applications requiring maximum refrigeration capability we provide the right product for the right application.    We engineer and source high performance screw compressor packages that meet every design criteria of the project.   The product we provide have a high reliability rate thereby minimizing maintenance and repair costs while maintaining low noise and vibration levels within the machine room.

Parallel Systems

With our optimized design, our parallel rack systems provide excellent reliability and performance for all refrigeration applications.  

We start with the highest quality components, each fully tested to meet stringent reliability and refrigeration performance standards.

Our systems are built with advanced manufacturing processes that ensure the highest quality, and a three-step leak testing process that includes a highly sensitive helium leak test to ensure that there are absolutely no leaks. 

Our Ingersoll Rand compressors have been designed with the latest technology for quieter operation, lower vibration and excellent energy efficiency.  Superior design features result in built in quality and reliability.

  • An advanced slinger oil system reduces oil carry over and increases efficiency
  • The compressor uses a single casting with no bottom cover, thereby eliminating bottom bolts that may leak
  • Crankshafts hardened by gas nitration process allow for better bearing surface and excellent wear resistance.
  • Open crankcase design allows for larger oil volume in compact housing.


Refrigeration Electrical Distribution Centers

Our distribution centers are complete pre-assembled “equipment centers” that integrate all your refrigeration, electrical and HVAC needs into one fabricated unit.  

Each distribution center is designed to your specifications and custom built with your unique equipment needs.   All equipment and components are in a pre-piped, factory-built package that reduces overall installation costs, shortens construction time and saves floor space

Condensing Units

Our full line of air and water cooled condensing units offers you a solution to any refrigeration need, from single units for a critical temperature room to several units for a distribution or warehouse application.    

  • We offer a broad range of compressor types and manufacturer options.
  • Available units come in 10-120HP with single, parallel and dual compressors.
  • Units come in standard and high capacity configurations.
  • Units have a maximum 10FPI for reduced fouling and maintenance.



Protocol is a “distributed” refrigeration system designed for specific product loads with the units being placed near the refrigeration demand.  

By having the refrigeration system close to the refrigeration demand, your installation and operating costs are less, due to a reduced refrigerant charge, less refrigerant piping and fewer braze joints that reduce refrigerant leaks.  

Energy efficiency is improved by incorporating vapor injected scroll compressors for low temperature and “optimized” scroll compressors for medium temperature applications. 

Protocol has many environmental advantages including:

  • Significant reduction in refrigerant charge.
  • Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Better energy efficiency in virtually all applications.
  • Less copper refrigerant piping.
  • Fewer braze joints for fewer leaks.