Renewable Energy & DERs

Finding your best approach, whether you want to purchase renewable energy or generate it yourself.

When it is time to focus on sustainability, resiliency and grid autonomy, renewable energy rises to the top of the list. Trane approaches renewables with broad capabilities and extensive industry knowledge, at national and local levels. Tell us your goals for using renewable energy, and we will devise a holistic approach that takes all your interests into consideration.

Energy Storage is critical for a low carbon future

Energy storage resolves the intermittency of renewable solar and wind energy and makes these resources more dispatchable. Whether meeting electrification strategies or achieving carbon neutral goals, Trane offers a number of energy storage solutions to best meet your specific objectives.

Renewable Energy Solutions

If you want greater resiliency and independence from public utilities, we can advise and assist you in transitioning your current grid system to a more autonomous one using distributed energy resources and onsite renewable energy sources.